Let's Harvest Moon! (HM Online) for PC Browser

Let's Harvest Moon! (HM Online)

Developer: Marvelous Interactive Software
PC (Browser game)
Role-Playing (RPG), Simulation
3rd-Person Perspective
ESRB Rating:

Release Dates:
N/A (Japan)

Other Info:
Minna De Bokujou Monogatari (Let's Harvest Moon) is the first official online Harvest Moon game.

Let's Harvest Moon is a browser-based game, meaning you play it directly on your internet browser for free (as opposed to buying a CD). From the little information that has been posted on the official website, it seems to be similar in nature to "Farmville", another popular browser game that's available on Facebook.

let's harvest moon screenshot
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In this game, you basically take care of your online farm, harvesting crops and raising animals with the help of harvest sprites. However, there is no town, so you have to buy all of your seeds and animals from a shop window. You can assign your harvest sprites to do different tasks, and online friends can help you out with gifts or farmwork.

Reference: http://hmotaku.net
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